Austria Issued Stamp on Puch 125 Motorcycle

austria puch 125 stampPuch 125  was the most famous Austrian motorbikes , a Puch 125 LM from 1923, the first year that this model was produced.Gifted mechanic Johann Puch founded his first bicycle factory in Graz in 1890. The Puch “Styria” bicycles were a sales hit throughout Europe, and the financial success enabled Johann Puch to turn his attention to the new technology of petrol engines with his newly founded “Johann Puch – Erste steiermärkische Fahrrad-Fabriks AG” (First Styrian Cycle Factory AG). During the First World War Puch was a supplier for the Austro-Hungarian army. However, as a result of financial difficulties, after the war Puch was forced to merge with other companies, which led to the creation of “Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG” in 1934.  Puch brand bicycles, including E-bikes and the classic Waffenrad, continue to be produced today and are distributed by the Austrian Faber Company. However, the founder of the company did not live to see all of this: he died before the start of the war in 1914.

Issue Date: 23.03.2016 Designer: David Gruber Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 42 x 24,8 mm Values: €2.20

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