Canadian Issued New Stamps under Photography Series

canada photography stampsFive designs will be issued as non denominated permanent stamps to pay Canada’s basic domestic letter rate, currently 85¢. The self-adhesive versions of these stamps will be sold in booklets of 10, arranged in a symmetrical pattern of two stamps of each design with serpentine die cuts between them.The stamps reproduce photographs from the 19th- to the early 21st-century:

The oldest photograph is Freighter’s Boat on the Banks of the Red River, Manitoba, shot in 1858 by Humphrey Lloyd Hime when he was the official photographer and surveyor on the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition.

Also from the 19th century is Victoria Bridge, Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal, Quebec, made circa 1878 by Alexander Henderson. His striking images of Canadian landscapes and cityscapes and activities were highly regarded.

Two of the permanent-rate stamps depict 20th-century photographs taken by photographers who immigrated to Canada from Germany: Toronto, a poignant scene, was captured in 1960 by Lutz Dille on the streets of his adopted hometown; and Window, a dreamlike image, was made in 1988 by Angela Grauerholz, who has been a resident of Montreal since 1976.

The fifth permanent-rate stamp depicts Sans titre 0310, a contemporary abstract work by Montreal’s Michel Campeau from his 2005-10 series, La chambre noire (the darkroom). This series explores and eulogizes the demise of film-based photography and its replacement by modern digital image-making.

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