Is It a Special Cover?

special cover kohimaBy Anil Kr Pujara

On 07.11.15 India Post NE Circle issued a special cover to celebrate the 2nd anniversary, To my surprise, the size of the special cover is abnormal. It does not fit in to the FDC album. Then there is no special post mark. Departmental seal of Forest Department has been used to deface the stamp. There is no proper space to paste the stamp. There is no code on the back of the cover. Are such slips acceptable from the department? Are such slips healthy sign for Indian Philately?

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5 Responses to Is It a Special Cover?

  1. Ullas Jain says:

    Your article is incomprehensible…..the occasion for release of special cover is not mentioned by you.You have just written ‘second anniversary’.
    How do you come to the conclusion that the cancellation is a forest department seal? How can you say that the stamp is affixed by postal personnel at inappropriate place? Have you seen him/her doing that?
    It appears that somebody has purchased a blank cover,affixed the stamp at inappropriate place and cancelled the item by using the forest department seal.No description regarding efforts made by you for replacement of cover is mentioned.You should have adopted appropriate legal recourse for redressal if you are so concerned about the future of philately.

  2. Manu Sharma says:

    This is really bad, at least standards must be followed by department.

  3. B K Nagpal says:

    It seems to be a private cover with a private seal though issued by a Govt Deptt, the post office may not have been involved. Whether good for philately or a philatelist, is a subject for deliberations. I feel, at present, less said may be better it is, about the nature and number of special covers sponsored by one and all.

    • Anil kr pujara says:

      The cover has been supplied by Philatelic bureau. That’s all by their service post n not to me but to many collectors

      • Ullas Jain says:

        But what have you done for replacement of the defective cover??? Philamirror is not the appropriate forum for the redressal of grievance.This platform is for sharing the problem.
        A famous saying is worth quoting, “Hungama khada karna mera maqsad nahi,soorat badalni chaiye”.

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