Croatia:Easter Stamp Issue

croatia easter stampThe bunny of Ms Sanja Rešček on this year’s Easter stamp of Croatian Post, with its lovely head and masterful stylisation can provoke smile in anyone, which is also its intention. And then, he does creative work: he has just finished painting green an egg, adding small sunny spots to it – all that is needed so that we might feel joy from the soil beneath our feet upwards and that we might – together with the nature – become green up to our ears.

Issue Date: 08.03.2016 Designer: Alenka Lalić, designer from Zagreb Illustrator: Sanja Rešček, academy-trained paintress and designer from Zagreb Printer: Zrinski d.d., Čakovec Process: Multicolor Offset Printing Colours: 4 Colour Size: 35.50 x 29.82 mm Values: 3.10 HRK

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