New Stamps from Romania

Wood Peackers

The philatelic issue dedicated to these birds presents within its 4 postage stamps, species of woodpeckers found in Romania’s avifauna: Picoides tridactylus, Dryocopus martius, Picus viridis and Jynx torquilla.

romania woodpeackers stampsPicoides tridactylus (Eurasian three-toed woodpecker) is characteristic of old coniferous forests, being a hardly noticed species. The presence and abundance of the species depends on the amount of rotten wood. It eats mostly insects, and in winter, at lower heights, it can often be seen feeding on tree sap.
Dryocopus martius (the black woodpecker) is spread on deciduous, mixed and conifer forests. It is a sedentary species and prefers the tall trunks of old forests. It feeds on insects and their larvae from under the bark of trees. Insects are caught by its long tongue, which is covered with a sticky substance excreted by the salivary glands.

Picus viridis (the European green woodpecker) is not considered to have preferences for certain types of forest habitat, its distribution is limited by the availability of prey in particular, and it is a true specialist in this regard..

Jynx torquilla, known as the Eurasian wryneck, can be found in all deciduous woodlands with old trees and during migration it can be seen in parks and gardens. The plumage is unusual for woodpeckers, which have a more exotic colour.

Curiosities and superlatives

The 3-leu stamp shows the smallest banknote in the world. Measuring 27.5 millimeters by 38mm (1.08 inches by 1.49 inches), the Ministry of Finance of Romania issued this banknote in 1917, during World War I.

romania curosities stampsThe 14-leu stamp pictures Europe’s largest stone sculpture.The sculpture of the Romanian national hero Decebalus, the last King of Dacia, is 25 meters wide and 45 meters wide (79 feet by 147 feet).

The 3.30-leu stamp honors the  Gold museum in Brad the only gold museum in Europe; and the 5-leu stamp features the largest mechanical organ in Romania.

Romanian City:Brasov

romania brasov stampsThe first documentary attestation of Brasov is in 1235 under the name of Corona.  In the Middle Ages, Brasov earned an unmatched reputation in South East Europe through its Transylvanian Saxon craftsmen.

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