South Korea will Issue Stamp on Endangered Species Eurasian Otter

otterBy Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Collector Group ArGe Zoologie

The stamp  , sheetlet and FDI-postmark are featuring the Eurasian Otter(Lutra Lutra).Date of Release:15 March 2016.

The Eurasian otter is a semi-aquatic species living in a wide range of freshwater habitats and along coasts. Also coastal otters are depending of freshwater, however.Otters are medium-sized mustelids with a head-body lenght of 57-70 cm and a tail of 35-45 cm. Males reach a body-weight of 10 kg, females of 7 kg. They have a long slender body, small ears, thick, tapering tail, and well-webbed feet with strong claws. There is a large naked, shield-shaped, black nose pad. The fur consists of long, coarse guardhairs and shorther, very dense underfur. It is brown on the upperside, buff to cream on throat and underside.The otters’ diet consists primarily of fish, whatever species are available. They may also take water birds such as coots, moorhens and ducks. In the spring, frogs are an important food item.

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