The Indian Struggle for Freedom Series: Thematic Stamps Collection

Paying Tribute to the Great Soldiers of First War of Indian Independence- Uprising National Movement 1857

ms 1857Compiled by Ganesh Prasad Chowdhary

Jwahar Lal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India in his speech on the auspicious occasion and magical moment of our Independence on 15th August 1947. The great nation of India emerged with new destiny with a new history of new era of freedom, struggles and progress. The moment came after great sacrifices of many freedom fighters.“At the stroke of midnight hour when the World sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a Nation, long suppressed, finds utterances”

Our beloved and great Country pays homage to those great warriors of freedom in many ways, one of them is the collection of Postage stamps which depicts those great heroes which the Posts and Telegraph Department had issued four commemorative and colorful stamps under the theme the Indian struggle for freedom series in mint condition in their memory on 10 May 1984 showing the portrait of Tatya Tope, Nana sahib, Begum Hazarat Mahal and Mangal Pandey.

The British crown, as a result of this uprising of the very large number of freedom fighters during 1857 and 1958, who led the freedom struggle, brought under its direct rule ending the control of The East India Company and  Introduction of British system of education and a number of social reforms had infuriated a very wide section

Of Indian people rose in revolt at a number of places all over India and that made possible to freedom.The year 1857 is remembered uprising of first National movement for independence in India and as beginning of the end of British Raj in India .From Kings to peasants and artisan uprosed untidily against the Unfair British Government.

1857 mangal pandeyMangal Pandey a soldier  in the East India Company of East India run by British was a brave man who alighted the National Movement in India. His name is always known in the history of freedom struggle which is recognized as first war against the foreign rule and for free India and considered the first freedom fighter and martyr.

Animal greased bullets were issued to the soldiers which cartridges had to be removed by biting .Hindus considered cow fat while Muslims understood pig fat. Both communities protested over the uncleanness against which they revolted. Mangal Pandey attacked the British Sergeant on the parade ground and soon he was captured and hanged to death. To pay great respect and homage to the great freedom warrior a beautiful and magnificent collection and is a passionate collection of thematic  stamps dedicated to the Indian struggle for freedom series in saffron, green and orange brown color was released by postal department   portraying Mangal Pandey

The wife of Nawab of  Awadhi Wajid Ali shah  Begum Hazarat mahal  was one of the1857 hazrat mehal exceptional courageous women for India`s freedom movement . Her husband exiled to Calcutta by the British. She took over the affairs of the state of Awadh and fought the British and recaptured the state of Awadh during 1857. But he was forced to retire to Nepal after her long battle.

Our country released a colorful stamp in saffron, green and orange red color depicting the portrait of the great woman and great heroin of Indian freedom movement under the thematic stamps dedicated to the Indian struggle for freedom series. The stamps are most popular among collectors.

1857 nana sahibNana Dhundhu Pant was adopted son of exiled  Peshwa Baji Rao II and populary known Nana Saheb who was denied the title and pension after the death of Peshwa  in1857. He hostiled the Brotish  He declared war against themand assumed the title of Peshwa and oredered oustering of the Birtitshers from India . He led the  Indian Rebellion of 1857 .During 19th centuary Kanpur was British garrison  with barracks for 7000 soldiers.Nanasaheb forces were defeated and rode away to unknown destination.No one known exactly what happened to them but he is remembered as a brave soul and patriot who played a significant role in the freesom struggle of India Nana Sahib was shown in one of four stamps on the series of  the Indian struggle for freedom series in faffron, green and purple color to pay great respect and homage to the great man and hero of national movement.

1857 tatya topeRamchandra Pandurang Tope popularly known Tantia Tope was close friend of Nana saheb and is famous for  figuring in the first war of Indian Independennce.When Nana Saheb was deprived  of the pension of his father antia tope. He started to fight against the Britishers.he commanded the Indian troops of the East India Company  at kanpur and commanded the revolutionists.When the Kanpur was reoccupied by British troops ,he led BundelKhand but he suffered reverses andreached Gwalior but has to move again. He struggled against the for more than period over one year.Unfortunatly his a friends betrayed him ,and then he was captured and exexuted in 1859 the 7th April.His life inspired us very much and in his honour a very popular  postage stamsp dedicated  the Indian struggle for freedom series was issued  depicting his potrait in saffron,green and bistre brown.

Rani Lakshmi Bai queen of Jhansi was another great brave warrior of the first war of freedom movement.After the death of her husband Raja Gangadhar Rao King of Jhansi,1857 rani lakshmi bai Damodar Rao an adopted son was nominated heir and successor of the kingdom of Jhansi by Rani Laxmi Bai which was not accepted by the British Government and Lord Dalhousie annexed the state of Jhansi into British fold. Rani Jhansi opposed and when attacked in March 1858 she did not surrender but fought bravely    for about a fortnight. Sadly she was forced to leave Jhansi but her determination took place in the great battle but lost her life at the age of 23 on 18th June 1958.

The Government in great respect and to pay sincere homage a collectible first stamp on the brave queen Laxmi Bai was released in 1957 a favorite for the Indian collectors. Subsequent Rani Laxmi Bai stamps were released and depicted in postage stamps by the Independent India to pay great honor to the great warrior of freedom movement.

1857 bahadur shah zafarAbdul Muzaffar Muhammad Sirajdin Bahadur Shah the last Mungal emperor who was emperor for name sake and within the walls of the red fort during the regime of East India Company but he was again proclaimed him the emperor of Hindustan

Meerut troops when they revolted against the company. He was then imprisoned and his rule was disposed off1857 babu kunwar singh and he was exiled from Hindustan. He was a poet and man of aesthetic   and because of that he was called Zafar a poetic name and a stamp on him were released showing his peoms.

Babu Kunwarar Singh a Rajput  local warrior King of Jagdishpur near Bhojpur. He fought the first independence war with British   when he was eighty. His bravery is legendry and he defeated them but died of his injuries. He is praised as brave son of Bihar and honored high. The Postal department issued commemorative stamps which portrayed Babu Kumar Singh a very beautiful, popular  and inspiring depiction for the purpose of mailers and collectors items.

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