Croatia Issued Stamp on Martyr St Blasius

croatia sv vlaho stampDubrovnik and St. Blasius are inseparable notions and his omnipresence is one of the mail determinants of the identity of Dubrovnik. The patron of the city, physician, bishop and a martyr from the Armenian Sebaste is worshiped throughout Europe and in the world, but nowhere with so much enthusiasm as in Dubrovnik which – according to a legend – proclaimed him its patron in 971, when he warned Dubrovnik about the threatening danger from Venetians. He was also chosen as confirmation of independence of church and communal and state self-awareness, thus founding the cultural space of Dubrovnik on his strength and the symbolism of his heavenly authority.

The cult and the celebration of St. Blasius in a historic continuity from the 10thcentury, according to the legend, i.e. from the 12th century, according to historic documents, have until today preserved its traditional and recognisable excellent features and quality of expression. This is a millennium old Dubrovnik tradition, a Celebration of the Patron on 3 February, the favourite celebration with rich ceremony culminating in a magnificent procession, which inclusion into the UNESCO World List of Intangible Material Heritage speaks for itself.

Issue Date: 03.02.2016 Designer: Orsat Franković, designer from Zagreb Illustrator: Photograph: from the archives of Dubrovnik Museums Printer: ZRINSKI d.d., Čakovec Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 29.82 x 35.50 mm Values: 3.10 HRK

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