New Stamps from Israel

Nehama Pohatchevsky and Zelda

israel women pioneers stampsAuthor Nehama Pohatchevsky ( 1869-1934 ) wrote about the lives of the pioneers and about building the national Jewish homeland in Eretz Israel, focusing on the struggles of the “new woman” in the newly developing Jewish community in the ancient homeland and her position in the family and society.

Zelda (1914, Ukraine – 1984, Jerusalem) Zelda Schneerson-Mishkovsky is one of the most significant and beloved Hebrew poets of our generation. Tens of thousands of copies of her collected poems from the six books published in her lifetime have been printed to date. Her poems are read and adored by an extremely broad audience: young and old, religious and secular, people from different places and from varying spiritual worlds.

Ephriam Kishon

israel kishon stampEphraim Kishon was an author, satirist, journalist, playwright, screenwriter, film and theater director and 2002 Israel Prize recipient. He is considered to be one of the greatest Israeli satirists of all time.

Kishon, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, immigrated to Israel in 1949 and within just a few months learned to speak Hebrew fluently. His first play in Hebrew, Shmo Holech Lefanav (His Reputation Precedes Him) was staged by Habima three years after his arrival.Kishon elevated humor to an art form. His diverse and astute works reflect the diversity of Israeli society and successfully get across Israeli viewpoints to a wide audience of readers throughout the world.

New generations continue to be brought up on Kishon’s works, which remain just as relevant and sharp today as when they were written. These works are an Israeli cultural asset and millions of readers around the world continue to both laugh and cry as they enjoy them.

Turtles in the Marine Environment

israel marine turtle stampsMarine Turtles are the largest reptiles in Israel. They live mostly in the sea, but the females come ashore on summer nights to lay dozens of eggs in cavities they dig in the sand. The offspring hatch in about two months.In some turtle species, the offspring’s gender is determined by the temperature in the nest.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s sea turtle populations suffered greatly, with some 2000 green turtles being hunted each year along Israel’s coast. Despite that, in the 1950’s 15 nests per kilometer were reported on Israel’s northern beaches. The fact that in 2011 only one nest per kilometer was found on average in those areas highlights the sharp decline in the marine turtle populations, despite conservation efforts and legal protections.

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