Special Covers : MAPPEX 2016

By Anil Kr Pujara

State Level Philatelic Exhibition of Madhya Pradesh MAPPEX 2016 was concluded recently at Indore .

National InsuranceS1

Unique Hathkargha of MPS2

Dr.B R Ambedkar  University of Social Science MHOWS3


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One Response to Special Covers : MAPPEX 2016

  1. sreejesh says:

    WHO WILL PUT THE BELL ON CAT’S NECK…… NOW INDIA POST BECOME AN INTERNATIONAL DEALER and selling the materials through epost much higher than the cost price of the materials. A dealer in India sells the Special cover after adding a normal charges, which comes only 25 or 30 rupees. But 10 rupees face value special covers of MP State Level Philatelic Exhibition( Insurance, police & Ambedkar), which was sold during exhibition for a face value of Rs. 10/- , and Gurdwara of Solan which sold in the initial stage as rs. 10/- at Shimla and Solan are selling for an extreme high price of Rs. 50/- . 11 Special covers released Punpex, at Chandigarh, which was selling during Exhibition Rs. 20/- also selling with an extreme price of Rs. 50/- each. Another funniest thing is that, this all covers were sponsored by a proponent. Proponents covers should be sell with the minimum price as per notification published during 2005/06. All approved quantity will sell through India post counter, from the total quantity 200 covers will get the India Post as free, and remaining money after deducting the stamps cost should be handed over to the proponent, after three month. Means, now India Post is selling these covers for a high price for giving money to the proponent. “not for revenue to the department”. Case of Gurudwara stamp as per the telephonic conversation with the postal staff at Shimla and Solan HO, it was known that all 200 free copy received from Proponent was sold out long back and they returned back the MO’s which received after that. Now from where the covers born. Surely it took from the proponent and selling. for making profit to the proponent. Only the deposit money and 200 free covers selling price will get to the Department as per Rule.

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