New Czech Stamp on Puppies

czech puppy stampThe Czech Spotted Dog depicted on a new stamp by Czech Post is a medium-sized breed. Its height at withers is 45-53 cm (male) and 43-51 cm (female). Its body length is 110-120 percent of the height at withers. The dog is square-built with balanced proportions and not very heavy. The ears are tilted forward. The double coat can be short or long. The short coat is flat. The long coat is flowing and only slightly curled.

The coat is always tri-coloured in an equally valued combination of either black, tan and white or brown, tan and white. The proportion of the dark (black or brown) and the white part of the coat is 1:1. The dark colour is the underlying colour covered with tan markings. There are tan and dark spots on the white patches in the tan part and in the dark part of the coat, respectively. The spots must be distinctive without creating the impression of blending.

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