India:New Definitive Stamp on Mahatma Gandhi

By Anil Kr Pujaragandhi definitive stamp

Series-Makers of India,Denomination-25 Paisa

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2 Responses to India:New Definitive Stamp on Mahatma Gandhi

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    The image of Bapu looks somewhat different from the earlier images rather portraits on Bapu on both definitives and commemoratives. If I mistake not, Gandhiji never had so deep wrinkles, he neither had thick hair on his head nor a very wide forehead. Its surprisingly an unusual picture of the Mahatma. And why this 25 NP denomination definitive when 25 NP is already withdrawn. I have seen commemoratives on him from over 90 countries which include South Africa, UK, USA, Germany, Iran, Syria etc with better portraits of Bapu. Even in the past Indian Postal Department released defnitives and commemoratives on him with accuracy. Why such an inaccurate portrait of him this time

  2. It is shocking to see the definitive on Bapu with denomination of 25. More shocking is d image of Bapu. It appears to b clear devaluation of Bapu n his Ideology. it appears neglect of Philately .

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