New Stamps from Taiwan

Painting and Calligraphy on the Fan Souvenir Sheets

taiwan calligraphy stampsHand-held fan started out as a useful tool became an objet d’art as literati of ancient times started inscribing poetry or paintings on the fan. With a wide arc that tapers off to a point, foldable fans make an excellent, unique medium for creative composition. To raise better awareness of Chinese culture, the Post is issuing two souvenir sheets, featuring a work written in running-cursive script on a fan covering by Wen Zhengming of the Ming dynasty. The fan is a prized exhibit of the National Museum of History.  This particular piece is a seven-character regulated verse (“qilü”). The design of the stamp shown on this collection is a fan-shape. To add to philately interest, the stamp is printed on paper and bamboo chips, at NT$25 and NT$80, respectively. Being made from natural material, it should be adequately stored.

Date of Issue:13 January 2016

Fruits of Taiwan

taiwan fruits stampsAtemoya (NT$1): It is a hybrid of sugar apple and Cherimoya. The seeds are embedded in the flesh. The lines between the areoles on the skin are not very conspicuous, but rather smooth.

Papaya (NT2.5): Midnight persimmon papaya is Taiwan’s staple variety. The female plant produces oval-shaped fruit; the hermaphrodite plant grows pear-shaped fruit. The skin is reddish-orange, and the flesh is an appealing red.

Litchi (NT$5): Yu He Pao (“jade purse”) is the most popular litchi variety in Taiwan. The seed is small and flat. The aril is fleshly, chewy, fragrant and juicy.

Date (NT$15): The fruit is sweet, crunchy, and juicy. It is endearingly called, “the apple of Taiwan.”

Date of Issue:28 January 2016

Famous Church Architecture in Taiwan

taiwan church stampsChurch of St. Joseph Jinlun (NT$5): The church sits in Taimali Township in Taitung County, and is known for its rich Paiwan flair. It resembles an urn, and its roof is covered with glass, allowing sunshine to dapple through. A cubic cross is erected atop the church. The top of the entrance is adorned with a chieftain headdress. The diamond-shaped windows and the rock patterns mirror two hundred-pace snakes, standing guard.

Holy Family Church Taipei (NT$5): Located in Daan District, Taipei City, this church is a well-known Catholic church. The facade displays a large cross and the name of the church with a background of many rectangular stained glass pieces. At its right side is a bell tower featuring a big cross on top; on ground level is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a prayerful pose.

Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – Wanjin (NT$12): Situated in Wanluan Township, Pingtung County, the church is modeled after a Spanish mission. From 1861, missionaries started traveling between Pingtung and Kaohsiung to preach; the church was completed in 1870 and is the oldest church which maintains its original appearance in Taiwan.

Minor Basilica – Cathedral of the Holy Rosary (NT$12): Located in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, this church is the cradle of pastoral work restarted in 1859, after the missionary activities during the Ming dynasty were disrupted. After several renovations, it became a Gothic-styled cathedral, featuring rose windows, stained glass, flying buttresses, and groined vaults.

Date of Issue:4 February 2016

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