Azores Issued New Self-Adhesive Stamps

azores stampsFajãs :Found on almost all nine islands, particularly in São Jorge, the fajãs — flat lands “squeezed” between the deep sea and verdant cliffs — are awe-inspiring for their extraordinary beauty. The Azoreans have worked hard for centuries to cultivate these lands of difficult access, usually very fertile, in order to feed themselves and their families. Owing to their size and unique features, the Caldeira do Santo Cristo is one of the most remarkable fajãs. Considered a natural reserve, this fajã features an underwater cave and a lagoon, the only place in the entire archipelago where oysters can be found. Forests: Portuguese forests boast great diversity, both in terms of indigenous and exotic species. The forestry sector is one of the most dynamic activity sectors in the Portuguese economy, accounting for a significant percentage of exports.

Visit:The stamp features the sole survivor of the old maritime fleet, theFunchal liner. Launched in 1961, with a view to promoting tourism on the islands, the Funchal was considered the best ship ever built to navigate in the waters of the Azores.

Beekeeping :The Apis mellifera iberica Goetz arrived in the Azores nearly six centuries ago, when the colonisation of the archipelago began and the first settlers soon realised that the great diversity of Azorean flora lent itself to the production of superior quality honey.

Gardens of Portugal:Situated in the Valley of Furnas, in São Miguel, the Terra Nostra Park is a sheltered site, located inside the crater of a dormant volcano. Its history started over 200 years ago, when the land was bought by Thomas Hickling, who built a house, a garden and a thermal water tank at the location. However, the Park was most actively developed during the 19th century, while owned by the Viscounts of Praia: the serpentine channel was built, as were several caves, boxwood paths and lanes lined with orange trees.

Issue Date: 23.10.2015 Values: E20g

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