Slovenia: Gastronomy Stamps

slovenia gastronomy stampsdrija-style pasta parcels (žlikrofi) with meat stew (bakalca):These small pasta envelopes or parcels with a filling made from potato, onion, minced lard or smoked bacon and seasoning (marjoram, chives, pepper, salt) are called žlikrofi and are a characteristic dish of the former mercury mining town of Idrija and the surrounding area. The dish’s name derives from the German word Schlickkrapfen, meaning “slippery dumpling”.

Šebrelje-style salami:This premium cured meat product takes its name from its place of manufacture, the village of Šebrelje in western Slovenia, although it is actually made across the whole of the wider Idrija and Cerkno area. A pig’s stomach (or other casing) is filled with prime pork and bacon (the latter in a much smaller proportion). The particular flavour of šebreljski želodec owes much to the climatic conditions in which it is dried, with both Alpine and Mediterranean winds blowing across the Šebrelje plateau.

Issue Date: 06.11.2015 Designer: Edi Berk, Tomo Jeseničnik Illustrator: Photo: Edi Berk, Tomo Jeseničnik Printer: Poštovni tiskárna cenin, Praha, Czech Republic Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 53.00 x 37.30 mm Values: 0.77

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