Taiwan Issued Stamps on Fruits

taiwan fruits stampsAtemoya stamp (NT$1): It is a hybrid of sugar apple and Cherimoya. The seeds are embedded in the flesh. The lines between the areoles on the skin are not very conspicuous, but rather smooth.

Papaya stamp (NT2.5): Midnight persimmon papaya is Taiwan’s staple variety. The female plant produces oval-shaped fruit; the hermaphrodite plant grows pear-shaped fruit. The skin is reddish-orange, and the flesh is an appealing red.

Litchi stamp (NT$5): Yu He Pao (“jade purse”) is the most popular litchi variety in Taiwan. The seed is small and flat. The aril is fleshly, chewy, fragrant and juicy.

Date stamp (NT$15): The fruit is sweet, crunchy, and juicy. It is endearingly called, “the apple of Taiwan”.

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