Cayman Island Issued Stamps on National Museum

cayman island museum stampsA set of stamps featuring four artifacts at the National Museum have been issued by the Cayman Islands Postal Service to commemorate the museum’s 25th anniversary. These include a 25 cent stamp bearing an image of a 1960s Caymanian doll designed by Clarice Carter. The doll is hand-carved in guava wood from a single tree limb.

A second new 25 cent stamp features a Plath Navistar Sextant from the 1960s used and owned by Captain Wordal Rankine. Before migrating to and living in the U.S., Captain Rankine of East End was a Merchant Marine and a Home Guard member. 

Another stamp, a 75 cent one, shows an early 1900s cast iron Swift Mill coffee grinder from the Ira Thompson collection. The grinder was made by Lane Brothers of Poughkeepsie, New York.

The $1.60 stamp features a monkey jar, a spherical earthenware red clay water container commonly used in the Cayman Island in the early 1900s and imported from Jamaica. The origin of the name is unknown.

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