Teaching Geography with Stamps

teaching with stampsStamps have always been a way to spread historical knowledge, because their subjects are typically based on real people or events.Karla Norman, a librarian from the Memphis, Tenn., suburb of Bartlett, has made that historical element of stamps her focus.

The commercial Appeal is reporting that Norman has been teaching young students geography by way of international stamps and stamp-hobby tools such as tongs. Most students at Rivercrest Elementary did not even know what stamps even were until Norman introduced them earlier this week.

A member of the Memphis Stamp Collector’s Society, Norman has 150 stamps of her own, plus hundreds more at her disposal by way of her stamp-collecting peers.

“With a magnifying glasses, tweezers [tongs] and a map of the continents,” the Appeal reports, “each pair of students received eight international stamps in an official stamp collector’s glassine envelope (necessary to protect the stamps from moisture, they learned) and a handout to help identify the nation that issued the stamp. (Great Britain is [the] only nation that doesn’t print its name on stamps; it uses the silhouette of its sovereign, a lesson in itself.)” Source-http://www.linns.com

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