Sweden Iron Meets Silver

sweden iron silver stampsPetronella’s pot is made for tea. The delicate yet strong handle that organically emerges from the teapot is both decorative and functional. The handle is held differently depending on the type of tea in the pot and its temperature, but the teapot is always in balance.“In my profession, I am trying to advance the process where silver objects transition from status objects to practical items. Silver must be used to realize its full potential,” says Petronella.

Bälta is the name of Erik Tidäng’s silver bracelet, which is depicted on one of the stamps. He has punched the bracelet links out of a thin piece of silver using a tool he created himself during his years as a student in Scotland.

Issue Date: 12.11.2015 Designer: Gustav Mårtensson, Lars Sjööblom, Piotr Naszarkowski  Size: 49.1 x 26.5 mm

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