Indian Theme on Foreign Stamps: Singapore

Singapore Issued Stamps on Indian Heritage Centre

singapore indian heritage centre stampsThe centre was established to make  a destination of historical and cultural significance for visitors and the community. Mission is to develop IHC into a leading Heritage Institution and a focal point for the community. To establish IHC as a renowned Heritage Institution through museum excellence; To connect and collaborate with key stakeholders to promote Indian culture and community rootedness; To conduct research to promote a deeper understanding of IHC and its values; To establish strategic partnerships with regional and international counterparts; and to ensure the effective utilization of resources to achieve IHC’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives.

Released on 16th November  2015

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One Response to Indian Theme on Foreign Stamps: Singapore

  1. N.A. MIRZA says:

    Indian heritage and Indian rural life is admired all over the world and has appeared on commemoratives abroad. Years ago Mauritius had issued a sheetlet on Gandhiji and its bodrder/margin was decorated with sights and views of India’s rural life. Commemoratives on Gandhiji from Syria; Iran and African countries depicted heritage buildings; monuments; our dances; even Natranja etc.

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