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175 Years of the First Postage Stamp

estonia black penny stamp175 years ago the first postage stamp Black Penny as the one penny postage stamp was printed in black. The Black Penny was issued on May 1, 1840 and became effective from May 6 as part of the postage system reform; two days later a blue tuppence postage stamp was added. At the proposal of the winner of the postage stamp competition, Benjamin Cheverton, the portrait of the 21 year-old Queen Victoria who had ruled three years by that time, but ruled still over 60 years old and so the Englishmen saw their queen still as a young lady on postage stamps. The first postage stamps were printed at the printing company Perkins Bacon & Petch without indentation in sheets of 12 by 20 stamps and until today the name of the country is not printed in the stamps issued in Great Britain.

Issue Date: 13.11.2015 Designer: Lembit Lõhmus Printer: AS Vaba Maa Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 36 x 30 mm Values: €0.55

Estonian Art Museum

estonia art stampKarl Pärsimägi (May 11, 1902 Võrumaa – July 27, 1942 Oświêcim concentration camp), was an Estonian painter. At the age of 17 he entered the Pallas art school. Initially he studied under the supervision of Konrad Mägi, then Nikolai Triik and later Ado Vabbe. In spring 1923 and summer he made a study trip to Germany under the guidance of Anton Starkopf, In 1937 Pärsimägi went to Paris. Despite economic difficulties the artist worked strenuously and presented his first summary at the Tallinn Art House at the so-called six artists’ exhibition in 1939. Despite attempts to return to his native country the artist remained in the way of events of 1941. After the occupation of France, he was put in the Drancy concentration camp and from there on to Oświêcim, where he died in 1942. The stamp dedicated to Karl Pärsimägi has his oil painting “A Girl and the Moon” depicted on it.

Issue Date: 17.11.2015 Designer: Lembit Lõhmus Printer: AS Vaba Maa : Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 30 x 37 mm Values: 0.5515” in Mumbai on November 24’ 2015.

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