Presentation of Indian Philately at ABIBRIA Philatelic Exhibition in Germany

abibriaBy Wolfgang Beyer

(Vice Chairman of the German Collector Group ArGe ZOOLOGIE Member AIJP)

A philatelic exhibition ABIBRIA was organized from 14th to 15th November at the small town Zörbig .Zörbig is located in the german county Sachsen-Anhalt. The exhibition was jointly organized by five philatelic clubs of this region  . The exhibition presents 35 exhibits in all classes, two exhibits about philatelic literature, ten exhibits in the open class and nine exhibits in the class of honor (including my FIP-exhibit ROLLERBIRDS).

abibria exhibitionI organized a presentation about Indian Philately with books,publications, covers and stamps like last year during THÜBRIA at Greiz. It was very interesting for some visitors of the Exhibition. The exhibition was a great philatelic event in this rural region of Germany. Many thanks to Mr.Benny Berger ,Chairman of the organizing committee , and Mrs. Maria Witters for sending pictures of this presentation.

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