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 135 Years of the National Bank of Romania

romania national bank stampsLying at the confluence of the economic and the social, the National Bank of Romania is one of the oldest institutions in country and its importance is indisputable from a cultural and financial standpoint. The idea of establishing a credit and issuing bank preoccupied the political class of the 19th century, the first initiatives being taken in 1848, when the economic activity of the Principalities increased. The newly-created bourgeoisie and the great landowners felt that the absence of a banking system and the lack of access to low interest loans constituted an obstacle to development.

Both stamps reproduce the image of the 20 lei banknote (issued on February 28th, 1881 and found in the patrimony of the National Museum of Romanian History) together with the images of the two signatories, the stamp with the face value of 3.30 lei illustrating the image of Ion I. Campineanu, while the stamp with the face value of 9.10 lei illustrates the banknote’s reverse and the image of Emil Costinescu.

Issue Date: 29.09.2015 Designer: Mihai Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 5 Colours Size: Stamp: 48 x 33 mm, Minisheet: 112 x 134 mm, Block: 136 x 115 mm; 218 x 180 mm (in philatelic album) Values: Values: 3.30 Lei, 9.10 Lei

Hunting on Royal Domains

romania hunting stampsHunting has become a royal passion ever since the times of the first kingdoms and empires, and then a privilege of the aristocracy. It has also become a symbolic figure associated with the sovereign who was considered near divine, shrouded by a mythical aura and religious superiority over his subjects.

The postage stamps of the issue illustrate the castle’s stained glass, created at the end of the 19th century, in the Zettler workshops (Munich), which reproduce animals or hunting scenes such as the climax of hunting stags, hares, wild boars and bears.

Issue Date: 09.10.2015 Designer: Mihai Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: Stamp: 52 x 42 mm, Minisheet: 204 x 98 mm, Block: 120 x 108 mm (in philatelic album) Values: 2 Lei, 3.30 Lei, 4.30 Lei, 14.50 Lei

Christmas 2015

romania christmas stampsThis year, the stamp of the issue depicts the image of the Birth of Jesus icon, painted by Gheorghe Tattarescu.Gheorghe Tattarescu was born in Focsani, in 1820, and the one who initiated him in the art of painting was his uncle, Nicolae Teodorescu, a church painter. Young Tattarescu began his apprenticeship helping his uncle, later following courses at the School of painters, founded by Bishop Chesarie in Buzau.

The icon of the Nativity of Jesus, illustrated on the stamp with the face value of1.00 Lei is part of the heritage of the Gavrila Simion Institute of Eco-Museum Research Centre in Tulcea, the Institute being named after the great Romanian archaeologist who led a veritable campaign to develop the museums of Dobrudja.

Issue Date: 06.11.2015 Designer: Mihai Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: Stamp: Ø 30 mm, Minisheet: 132 x 122 mm; 90 x 156 mm Values: 1 Leu

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