SriLanka-Thailand Joint Issue: Stamp Enveloped in Dispute

srilanka thailand joint issueSri Lanka’s most recently issued stamp with its first-day cover has run into controversy on the basis that it has failed to meet the requirements of the Sri Lanka Standards Institute. The controversial stamp was launched to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Thailand during President Maithripala Sirisena’s visit to that country from November 2. Thailand Post also issued two stamps the same day using designs similar to the Sri Lanka stamp.However, experts on stamps and national flag claim the depiction of the flag in these stamps is incorrect and disrespectful. “In these stamps we see the Sri Lankan flag being bent out of shape to make a zero in the 60. This is outrageous. A national flag cannot be used this way,” researcher Bede Nimal Perera said. He said by twisting the flag, the designers had caused the bo-leaves to appear disproportionate. According to the Code for the use of the National Flag, the Sri Lankan flag cannot be used as a festoon, rosette or bunting or in any other manner for decoration.

The code also states that the National Flag displayed should conform to the Sri Lanka Standard Specification relating to design, dimensions and colour.  Mr. Perera said the flags in the new stamps did not conform to these criteria and were placed at the bottom of the stamp, instead of at the top. Expressing his dismay over this issue, another expert, who wished to remain anonymous, said the twisting of the flag had taken away a key part.

The yellow border depicting harmony among different communities had been erased and this was disrespectful, he said. Deputy Postmaster General W. A. G. Wickramasinghe said they had not received complaints about the stamps.(Source-

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