Hungary Issued Stamp on Einstein’s Equation for General Theory of Relativity

hungary einstein stampBy Denise McCarty

On Nov. 25, 1915, Albert Einstein presented his paper The Field Equations of Gravitation to the Prussian Academy of Sciences. This paper contained the equations for his general theory of relativity.Hungary issued a stamp Sept. 7 commemorating the 100th anniversary of this presentation.The 285-forint stamp shows a black-and-white photograph of Einstein on the left, and the mathematical formula of the general theory of relativity on the right.

 “The right-hand side of this equation describes the energy contents of our universe (including the ‘dark energy’ that propels the current cosmic acceleration).

“The left-hand side describes the geometry of space-time. The equality reflects the fact that in Einstein’s general relativity, mass and energy determine the geometry, and concomitantly the curvature, which is a manifestation of what we call gravity.” Imre Benedek designed the stamp. It was printed by offset in sheets of 50.(

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