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Wine Regions – Carnuntum

ausria wine region stampThis commemorative from the “Wine regions of Austria” series commemorates Carnuntum, the place where wine and culture come together and one of the smallest wine-producing areas in Austria with 910 ha of vines.The area comprises three areas of hills east of Vienna and south of the Danube, ideal for cultivating wine thanks to the Pannonian climate and the soil conditions. Wine has been cultivated here since the age of the Celts. The area is blessed with plenty of sunshine, on average 2,000 hours every year – amongst the highest in Europe. This allows the production of opulent and strong wines. In fact, the heart of the continent is marked by relatively hot summers and cold winters, but in Carnuntum the nearby Lake Neusiedl has a decisive influence on the climate. The Leitha hills and the Danube floodplains also affect the climate, while the Brucker Pforte keeps back the rain coming in from the west. For this reason, spring in Carnuntum begins long before the masses of snow in the nearby Alps have melted, and the vines can sprout at an early date. There are already hot periods in May, while the heavy rains in early summer form a good basis for a dry summer. There is little rain until long into autumn, which provides the ideal preconditions for late-ripening red wine varieties.The symbol of the region is the Heathens’ Gate, which is also the logo of the Carnuntum Archaeological Park.

Issue Date: 05.09.2015 Designer: David Gruber Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 31,8 x 50 mm Values: €0.80

Photographic Art in Austria

The stamp shows “Vexations” by Gregor Schmoll, who is frequently referred to as theaustria photographic art “Monsieur Surrealist” of Austrian contemporary art. The artist, born in 1970 in Bruck an der Mur, and who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under Michelangelo Pistoletto and Heimo Zobernig, blurs the distinction between reality and imagination in his works. The apparently every- day is placed in surreal and absurd contexts in his photographs – thus it is only at second glance that one sees the face in the outline of a vase. References to psycho- analysis, philosophy, literature and the cinema are not unusual for Schmoll.Using photos and sculptural works, he often stages complex installations.

Issue Date: 19.09.2015 Designer: Regina Simon Illustrator: Gregor Schmoll Printer: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH Process: Offset Colours: 2 Colours Size: 29.6 x 38.5 mm Values: €0.68


austria lederhosen stamp2004 saw the release of the first commemorative stamp with Swarovski crystals, a world innovation presenting the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The collaboration with the internationally famous company Swarovski, which has been producing top-quality crystals in the Tyrolean town of Wattens for over 120 years, is being continued in this present unconventional issue: a commemorative in the form of a pair of Alpine lederhosen made of Alcantara leather decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The combination of Swarovski crystals and a pair of lederhosen is actually obvious. Both are a kind of symbol of the Alpine world and are often associated with Austria. The high-quality leather stamp with sparkling Swarovski crystals thus combines two traditions characteristic of Austria in a completely new way to create a very special miniature work of art.

Issue Date: 24.09.2015 Designer: D. Swarovski KG, Wattens, Tirol Colours: 4 Colours Size: 34,83 x 41,5 x 1 mm Values: €6.30

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