Satyajit Ray in Stamps

satyajit ray stampsBy Gsnesh Prasad Chowdhary

Satyajit Ray was colossus of Indian Cinema was one of the greatest film makers and was born in 1921.His father died when he was two years old. His mother moved to his maternal uncle. where he matriculate in 1936 and joined the presidency college and studies there economics. By then he developed interest in western movies. In 1940, he joinedsatyajit ray dominica stamps Vishwabharti University and learnt art but left the University and joined British run advertising agency of D.J.Keymer as a junior visualize and  spent 13 years.  He married Bijoya Das his cousin. Ray made designs the cover jackets of books published by Signet Press. From here he designed various styles and techniques of drawing, painting and typography. He came aquint with bengali literature and he illustrated Bhubhuti Bhushan Bandhopadhyay`s novel,Pather Panchali that fascinated him and influenced him very much. In 1947,he founded Calcutta film Society and many cinema from different part of the world were screened and topics discussed. The society subscribed many journals and bulletins.

The same year the famous French Director Renoir came to calcutta  for film location.Ray met him and struck up a rapport and  Renoir approved the inspiring and educative rapport.

satyajit ray stamp bookletRay as influenced with the novel Pather Panchali,He  wanted to filmise Pather Panchli and  began the shooting in 1952. His enthusiasm and optimism, the film when showed in cinema halls was grand success and had praise from the audience. It had a simple, heartwarming and winning story featuring two children of poor family In rural Bengal.This neorealistic movie won several award and he was established  a world class dierector.Ray made films every year between 1956 and 1981 are Jalsaghar,Charulata,Shatranj Ka Khiladi and Ghare Baire. He resumed his film making after recovery from il health in 1989 with Ganashatru and his last films were Shakha Proshakha 1999 and Agantuk 1991. In 1992 he fell seriously ill and the great director died on 23rd April 1992.

He received life time achievement Oscar and Bharat Ratna  from his sick bed.I have his movies visited several time and he was  favorite.

Postal department has depicted Stamps featuring and portraying Ray in 1994 , and 2014.

Stamps on Satayajit Raoy keep much significiant for stamp collectors in stocking and exhibiting those released third booklet in1994 with Mahatma Gandhi  during stamp exhibition held at LucknowIndia Ahimsapex.The first day cover with special cancelliation and stamp of dnomination  600 was depicted on the Pather Panchali theme and the topical release with Oscar award issued in 1994 attracts  and fascinates me much.

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