Royal Mail:Post and Go Stamps

royal mail post and go stampsThe UK is perhaps the best-connected island nation in the world, enjoying an unparalleled range of air links, as well as a tunnel to Continental Europe. Yet the British people also cherish sea travel – whether watching the White Cliffs of Dover retreating at the start of a great adventure, catching a first glimpse of the palaces of Venice or viewing a haunting Vietnamese seascape. An open deck also provides the best way to arrive in cities such as Hong Kong,New York and Sydney, whose iconic landmarks sharpen into focus as seafarers approach.

 royal mail post and go cancellationPost & Go stamps are a new generation of postage available from self-service machines in main Post Offices. The first Post & Go stamps with pictorial designs were introduced in 2010 with a series on British birds. A second series on traditional breeds of farm animals was issued in 2012, followed by a series featuring freshwater life in 2013 and another on British flora in 2014.

Date of issue 16 September 2015

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