Tribute to Zambia’s Stamp Collector Kamal Patel

By Gethsemane Mwizabi

Kamal Mohanbhai Patel who died recently in Chililabombwe’s Konkola Mine Hospital was perhaps Zambia’s sole passionate stamp collector.A man with a sweet and phlegmatic personality, Kamal had a knack for detail.

zambia stampsNobody gathered postage stamps quite the way he did. Kamal was driven by the idea that plenty historical facts, sometimes obscure, can be found on stamps. To him, stamps had artistic value for they were created by artists. You could say, he was one as well.Stamp collection became an obsession pretty early enough. He was a man who would spend just to add up to his collection. At the end of the day, Kamal would have a thousand pieces of postage stamps.

His collection was miscellaneous.Every subject one can imagine was depicted on his colourful stamps: Animals, sports, maps, cars, ships and movie stars.Stamps have been issued from postal services from all over the world since time immemorial.Kamal knew deep down his heart that stamp collection in Zambia was pretty rare or nothing at all, partly due to the fact that the new generation, born in the information age, was addicted to cyber communication (social media).Internet, which is the information highway of the 21st century, is a major preoccupation for young minds. At click of button, one is connected to everyone all across the world.The natural human anxiety for anticipation has gone as a result.For Kamal, his way of telling stories was through a variety of stamps he collected.True, plenty of stories and history can be picked from stamps.Family friend Paresh Patel described Kamal’s death as shocking and disturbing.(All

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    Dear Patel family

    My heart felt condolance to Patel family on sad dmise of shri kamal Patel

    I pray almighty god to grant peace to the departed Soul

    1119, MAKER CHAMBER – V
    MUMBAI 400 021

    M : +91 9819903789

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