Ireland Issued Stamps on  Agri-Food industry

irish food stampsThese four stamps were designed by Zinc Design Consultants and highlight Ireland’s excellence in food production, processing and preparation. The two 70 cent stamps feature a beef farmer and a cheese maker and their products while the €1.05 stamps depict a fisherman and a tillage farmer alongside their quality produce.

The sector has a gross annual turnover of approximately €25 billion and directly employs over 45,000 people on a fulltime basis. Approximately 230,000 people, or one in eight jobs in the economy, are linked to agri food, when agriculture and ancillary employment is included.

The Agri-Food sector accounts for half of purchased Irish goods and services by the manufacturing industry and just over half of exports by indigenous manufacturing industries.
Ireland has a great reputation all around the world for the quality of its food production, processing and preparation. We export food and drink to 175 countries and in 2012 this value surpassed €9 billion for the first time. The target is €12bn by 2020 and this looks very probable, according to projections in the Food Harvest report.

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