New Europa 2015 Stamps


europa stamp greeceThe stamp depicts a composition of old and new toys, such as the spinning top and the marbles, toys that were very popular among children at the old Greek neighborhoods, but also an airplane that is popular for boys till nowadays. Date of issue: 11 May 2015


europa stamp franceThe slingshot is a fork shaped frame, usually made of wood, with two equal bits of rubber supporting a piece of leather, used to throw little stones. The slingshot was a traditional toy for children during most of the twentieth century, used for hunting birds, as a highly effective and deadly weapon. Although as a manufactured toy, it is considered as a weapon that is rather unlikely to cause serious injuries, it is almost no longer used as a toy nowadays. Date of issue: 09 May 2015


europa stamp italyThis stamp features a 1938 Biplane in a frame of coloured small cubes that are sliding on metal wires. Date of issue: 09 May 2015

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