Malta :New SEPAC Stamps

malta sepac stampsMalta issued three stamps on various elements of Maltese culture, which include the Festa, the Regatta and the Easter Sunday procession.The stamps in this issue portray religious influences on Maltese culture as well as national feasts celebrated during the year. The €0.26 stamp illustrates the feast of St George in Victoria, Gozo, which is celebrated in summer; the €0.59 stamp captures a snapshot of the Regatta boat races held annually on 31st March and 8th September, while the €1.16 portrays the Easter Sunday procession with the statue of the Risen Christ.

The €0.59 stamp illustrating the Regatta boat races will bear the official Small European Postal Administration Cooperation (SEPAC) logo and will be included in the SEPAC stamp issue folder.

The theme for this year’s SEPAC collection will be “Culture”and participating states will be presenting stamps illustrating various elements of culture from their respective countries. SEPAC members include Aland Post, Faroe Islands Post, Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau, Post Greenland, Guernsey Post, Iceland Post, Isle of Man Post, Jersey Post, Liechtenstein Post Corporation, MaltaPost, Monaco Post, San Marino Post, Luxembourg Post and Vatican Post.

Photographer Daniel Cilia captured the celebrations featured on the stamps which were designed by MaltaPost and issued in sheets of 10 stamps. Each stamp measures 44mm x 31mm with a perforation of 13.9 x 14.0 (comb) and bear the Maltese Crosses Watermark and the sheet measures 186mm x 119mm.

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