Austria Issued Stamp on 200 Years of the Congress of Vienna

austria viena congress stampThe Congress of Vienna was held from 1814 to 1815 in order to regulate the political order in Europe after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. On the occasion of the anniversary of this major historical event, Austrian Post is issuing the “200th anniver- sary of the Congress of Vienna” commemorative.

The wars of the coalitions during Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquests seriously dis- turbed the power relationships in the European states. When Napoleon was defeated and exiled, the 1814 Treaty of Paris ended the military altercations. The re-establish- ment of the conditions as existed before the French Revolution was to be regulated at the Congress of Vienna, for which the representatives of the European states met for the first time in the Ballhausplatz Palace, today the Federal Chancellery, on
18 September 1814.

The stamp shows a detail from a contemporary copperplate engraving by Jean Godefroy based on a painting by Jean-Baptiste Isabey, showing the emissaries and princes at the Congress of Vienna. Foreign Minister Metternich, one of the most influential politicians of the restoration and Biedermeier ages, is the dominant figure in the detail, pointing towards the Portuguese ambassador holding papers in his hands.

Issue Date: 09.06.2015 Designer: Nikolaus Schmidt Printer: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH Process: Offset  Colours: 4 Colours Size: 35 x 35 mm Values: EUR 0.68

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