Liechtenstein Issued Stamps on Cathedral of St. Florin Vaduz

cathedrals stampsRibbed vaults are typical elements of Gothic architecture. At each main intersection of the vault, a keystone ensures the stability of the structure. Four keystones decorated with Christian symbols in the Cathedral of St. Florin in Vaduz are shown on the new special stamps. The “Lamb of God” (value: CHF 1.40) is to be found above the celebration altar of the cathedral while the “Pelican” (value: CHF 1.00), “Eagle” (value: CHF 1.90) and “Lion” (value: CHF 2.00) are located in the church nave. Two motifs with eight stamps each are combined on one sheet with a gutter.

The entire realisation of Vaduz parish church was rendered possible by the generous contributions of the then Prince Johann II (1840–1929), also called Prince Johann the Good. He thought it was especially important that the church had a good quality organ. The instrument, which was built according to the plans of the Liechtenstein composer Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, had not yet been completed when the church was consecrated in October 1873 and reached Vaduz with four months’ delay. At that time, the Steinmeyer organ was a remarkable instrument with impressive dimensions in the Rhine Valley. St. Florin parish church was raised to the status of a cathedral when Liechtenstein was declared an archdiocese in December 1997.

Issue Date: 01.06.2015 Designer: Armin Hoop, Ruggell Printer: Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe (F)Process: Offset  Colours: 5 Colours Size: 32.13 x 28 mmValues: CHF 100, 1.40, 1.90, 2.00

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