Isle of Man Issued Stamps on The Millennium of Tynwald Tapestry

iom stampsIsle of Man Post Office has produced a set of 10 beautiful stamps reproducing panels from the Millennium Tapestry which was created and presented to Tynwald in 1979 by the Isle of Man’s branch of the Women’s Institute (WI). The stamp issue was released on April 10 specially for Europa 2015.

A total of 10 stamps were hand selected from this and include the following highlights: The Viking Arrival – the Norse invasions began in 800AD and remained under Norse rule until 1266AD. The Manx Bill of Rights – passed in 1737 to ensure fair trial. The TT – the races celebrated their centenary in 2007. Tynwald Hill – 12ft high and said to be made of soil brought from each of the 17 parishes on the Island. Transport – the Steam Railway originally built in the late 1800s, the unique Manx Electric Railway built between 1893 and 1899, and the Island bus operation which was introduced later as the Railway Company began to falter. The stamps capture the uniqueness of the tapestry, the detail and its texture, as well as a glimpse of the most pivotal events in a history of the Isle of Man.

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One Response to Isle of Man Issued Stamps on The Millennium of Tynwald Tapestry

  1. Hemant Kulkarni, USA says:

    Does anyone in this country use these stamps to mail a letter? These small countries have been issuing stamps like you can’t imagine and rake in profits from the suckers (WOPA) who buy them at their face value. Stop giving such stamps any exposure -you are doing a diservice to Philatelic community!

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