Stamps on Cricket

cricket stamps indiagp chaudharyBy G.P.Chowdhary

Collecting Stamp is worldwide hobby . It attracts all age group- the child ,the young and the old.But theme or topical stamps collection gives special charm and joy and it adds more attraction when they are stocked in a stock book chronologically that looks and read a story.

cricket stampsCricket stamps are such one theme or topical collection that attracts me much and many stamp and cricket lovers.

Our Country issued in 1971 a set of four stamps depicting the victory bat, two bowlers and one Bishan sing Bedi. In most special stamp portraying KS Ranjit Singh was released in 1973 and thereafter in 1996 Binoo Makkad,Vijay Merchant and CK Naidu were  portrayed. Stamps of RK Narayan in 2009 and sachin tendulkar 2013  were most popular among the collectors.

In addition our country Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other countries also issued on crickets events.

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