India – France Joint Issue: Two Designs !

india france joint issueBy Anil Kr Pujara

On 10th April.2015 with much fanfare, Prime Minister Modi released set of two stamps in Paris under India France Joint issue programme. I recently visited Chandigarh Bureau n met one of my philatelic friend Sh Rakesh Walia. The purpose was to purchase the said stamps, fdc n ms. After purchasing the ms n broucher, we( me n my philatelic friend ) started examining the stamp as appearing on ms viz-a-viz as appearing on broucher. It was found that the name of  SPACE SMISSSIONS is written on the left side on Rs. 5/= stamp on Miniature sheet whereas the same name appears on the right side of the stamp as appearing on the broucher. Does it mean two designs were prepared? Does it mean no care was taken to compare the design of stamp viz-a-viz stamp appearing on Broucher. Does it really speak well of Indian Philately? With advancement in technology n claim of Govt. we expect accuracy, uniformity n better services but in case of our country are we getting ?

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4 Responses to India – France Joint Issue: Two Designs !

  1. Ullas Jain says:

    This has not happened for the first time.Please have a look at the stamp & brochure of Godiji temple released in 2012 and you will understand that you are three years behind.

  2. Rajesh Pareek says:

    Good morning….
    Good study/analysis…..
    No body is bothered about all this irregularities….
    The person responsible for Philatelic activities does not know even the spelling of philately then how we can expect any perfection…

  3. Dear Jain Ji, Thanks for telling that I am 3 years back but all along I was under the impression that in philately I am 30 years back. Thanks again. I would have been happy had you pointed out the mistake in Godi Ji temple which you never did. In future I request you to please point out any such thing there n then instead waiting for someone else to do n then make a mention after 3 years.

  4. Vivek says:

    Hi Anil,

    Can you please uploadf the photos of the errors?




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