Azerbaijan Issued Stamp for Eurasia Summit’s 18th Anniversary

azerbaijan stampIn a grand gesture, the Republic of Azerbaijan has printed special edition postage stamps for the 18th Eurasian Economic Summit. The stamps, which have pictures of the flags and landmarks of both Azerbaijan and Turkey (the Flame Towers in  Baku and Istanbul’s iconic  Sultanahmet Mosque) were printed as a gesticulation of the good relationship between the two countries.

The Eurasian Economic Summits are annually organized with the active participation of national and international decision makers and experts in the fields of economy, politics, energy, sociology and security. The purpose of these summits is to bring the countries’ businessmen, politicians and academics together, to help them to cooperate in the fields of economy, democracy and security.
Statesmen from 40 different countries are attending the year’s summit. Dr. Akkan Suver, the president of the Marmara Group Foundation, said the event has turned into a prestigious symbol of unity as it was accepted in the Balkans, Caucasus,  Europe and the Far East.

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