New Stamps from Cyprus

Cyprus-Armenia Joint Stamp Issue on Armenian Genocide

cyprus-armenia joint issueSymbolically, the pair of stamps with identical designs, depict the Melkonian school in Nicosia that originated as an orphanage in 1926 to shelter some 500 young survivors of the massacres. The Cyprus Post stamp, with a value of 64 cents, shows the historic school buildings with cypress saplings planted by the first orphans that have since blossomed and are as tall as nearby buildings along the main arterial Limassol Avenue. The Haypost stamp, with a value of 350 dram, shows a historical photograph of the first group of orphans in uniforms and lined up with the school band.

armenia cyprus stampThe visiting President of the Armenian Assembly was greeted by Communications and Works Minister Marios Demetriades, who said in his speech that it was “a great honour to welcome Galoust Sahakyan on behalf of the Cyprus government at the ceremony in remembrance of the 1.5 mln Armenians that perished in 1915.The international must not allow for such a crime to be committed again.”

Cypriot Postage Stamp Wins European Competition

cyprus think green stampCyprus postal services, has won a European competition under the title “Think Green”.The winning stamp was designed by Doxia Sergidou. Twenty four countries took part in the competition organised on the occasion of the 60th anniversary since the first issue of the “Europa” commemorative stamps. The Cypriot stamp took first place, followed by the Slovenian and the Hungarian stamps which came second and third, respectively. Cyprus Postal Services Director General Andreas Gregoriou said that Cyprus` success was the continuation of a series of successes in recent years. (CNA)

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