Uruguay Issued Stamp on Belela Herrera

uruguay stampUruguay has released a stamp to commemorate the notable woman of the country – Belela Herrera on 6th March 2015.Maria Bernabela ” Belela” Herrera Sanguinetti, is a professor and political Uruguayan was vice chancellor of Uruguay between 2005 and 2008.

Herrera is professor of English. University of Chile studied Sociology in. From 1973 passes to be civil servant of the High Commissioner of the UN for the refugees in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Chile as well as in countries of Central America and the Caribbean . Within the UN held the position of Sub Director of the Division of Human rights in a mission of the UN in El Salvador. Also it worked of observer of DD HH in the mission that did the UN altogether and OAS in Haiti. As well as worked of observer of DD HH in the elections of South Africa.

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