India Post: List of Special Cover’s 16to 31 January 2015

By Anil Kr Pujara

To complete the compilation of list of special covers issued in January 2015, I am continuing with the 2nd part since 1st part is already printed on this. To be very frank, I must express my gratitude to the overwhelming n encouraging response n encouragement that I received pan India on my effoert to compile the list that I van not express except that my head bows with reverance. Anyway, I am continuing with my efforts.

22.-33 A set of 12 special covers issued on the distt of Karnataka whose names                     have been changed  Ktk/12/2015 to KTK/23/2015

34         Clock Tower–Virajpet–KTK/04/2014-16.01.201

35         MARS ORBITTER MISSION—KTK/03/2015-16.01.2015
36       . Stop Child Labour—-KTK/06/2015- 17.01.2015
37         Heritage Banglore–KTK/05/2015-17.01.2015
38         Walk of Hope—KL/05/2015 -17.01.2015
39         DR. P.T. Abraham —-KL/04/2015-17.01.2015
40         Late Kondajji basappa birth centenary \ –KTK/08/2015 18.01.2015
41        COMMANDER TREVOR de ALMEDIA–AP/01/2015          18.01.2015
42        Rotary Club of South Banglore—-ktk/07/2015-18.01.2015
43        Swachchta Diwas-KTK/09/2015-19/01/2015
44        Allahabad Bank–150 years      KTK/10/2015-19/01.2015
45        Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and  Industry KTK/11/2015 19/01/2015

46        Barauni Refinery—-BH/01/2015-18.01.2015
47        National Disaster Management–DEL/01/2015-21.01.2015
48       National Ship Repair Yard    KL/06/2015 -21.01.2015
49       Mumbai Dabbawala-MH/08/2015-23.01.2015
50       Agri machinery fair111-KTK/24/2015-24/01/2015
51       Dr. Bhau JI lAD MUSEUM-MH/09/2015-24/01/2015
52       Gandhi Smruti stambh-MH/10/2015-25.01.2015
53–56  SET OF 4 SPL COVERS –Rajpex-2015-24.01.15 TO 27.01.2015
57       Kenderiya Vidyalaya Pattom-KL/07/2015-28.01.2015
58       Sri  Digamber Jain Muktagiri—–No code-29.01.2015
59       Tribute to Mahatama Gandhi—      DEL/02/2015 -30/01/2015
60        HOMAGE TO MAHATAMA GANDHI– TN/04/2015-30.01.2015
61        Homage to Martyrs      TN/05/2015  –30/01/2015
62-63   KOTAPEX-2015 -30.01.2015—31.01.2015
64       One life one Mission-TN/03/2015—30/01/2015
65       Sri Dev Sagar  Singhi Jain Mandir-31.01.2015
66       Distt Level Exhibition-Trichurrapalli—-TN/06/2015-31.01.2015
67       ROTARY DISTRICT CONFERENCE  MH/06/2015-31.01.2015
68       9TH National Business Plan Competition–KTK/25/2015– 31.01.2015

I have just made an attempt to compile the list n do not claim it to be a complete. If any cover is missed out please do inform.

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4 Responses to India Post: List of Special Cover’s 16to 31 January 2015

  1. Ankit Agrawal says:

    Missing special covers in the list
    1. Clock Tower– There are 2 place cancellation – Virajpet & Bangalore cancellation Cover is same –KTK/04/2015-16.01.2015
    2. Sant Sohirobinath Ambiye – Goa –23.01.2015
    3. Krishi Yantra Mela III-2015’ (Agri Machinery Fair III 2015) Puttur – KTK/24/2015 – 24.01.2015
    4. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math- MIDC GS –MH/07/2014-24.01.2015
    5. Jaywanti Haksar Lead College – Betul 29.01.2015

  2. Ullas Jain says:

    Half cooked food.
    One must see that topics of covers released during Rajpex/Kotapex are not mentioned.
    Place of release/releasing bureau is not mentioned.
    This is totally futile for the philatelists.
    However thanks to Philamirror which has kept us updated on daily basis.

  3. Dear Sir, Thanks for updating. But Spl Cover mentioned at sr. no. 3 in ur list is already mentioned at sr. no 50 in my list.

  4. PRATIK BAFNA says:


    It is a very good effort to compile the entire list of special covers…

    Sir, where can i get the list of all special covers issued

    Will be very greatfull for the information

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