Special Covers: Criteria of Pricing !

patna special coverBy Anil Kr Pujara

Recently two days Patpex-2015 was organized in Patna (Bihar) on 13.02.2015 n 14.02.2015. To commemorate the event two special covers were released. One special cover was released on 13.02.2015 on Mahatma Gandhi -Bapu depicting the image of Statue of Bapu placed in Gandhi Maidan with cancellation of Bapu cleaning the ground n collecting the garbage with the help of Broom. This particular cover was released probably with the logic to encash the sentiments of Gandhi theme collectors. The price of the cover is not mentioned on the back of the cover as today when I received the special cover I discovered that no price is mentioned on the Back of Special Cover. When I ordered the spl cover, I was informed that its cost is Rs.200/=. Though shocked but still I ordered the same to have my collection of Spl. Covers complete n hoping that in the days of transparency, the authorities concerned must have mentioned the cost of the spl cover on the back more so when they are violating pricing policy laid down by the India
Post in their philatelic manual.  The manual says that the cost of the cover should be Rs.5/= n stamp of prevailing cost be fixed on it n cancelled. The cover is having stamp of Rs.5/= fixed on it n cancelled. Then the cost of blank envelope comes out to be Rs. 195/=
This is amazing n shocking. This raises the many questions in the mind.

1 How the price of this spl cover is fixed at Rs.200/=

2.How much it has coasted the department to get it printed.

  1. Who is competent to violate the mandatory provisions laid down in Philatelic Manual of India Post
  2. Why the cost of Spl Cover was not printed on the back of Spl Cover, the practice which is being followed by many bureaus of the country.
  3. Why there is no uniform policy of the Govt in issuing the spl covers with regard to the size n pricing of the spl covers.

6.Is it logical to exploit the sentiments of philatelists in this manner?

7.Is it going to promote the philately?

8.What are the motives of India Post  Bihar Circle in fixing the price so high?  In addition to this, one more special cover was issued on 14.02.2015 on NIFT. The cost of this special cover is fixed at Rs.50/=. On what basis the decimation in fixing the cost of these two spl covers is made. Pricing of these covers is on what foundation when both are issued on the same occasion on the same paper n there is no difference in paper n printing. Again on 23rd Feb another spl cover has been issued from Bihar Circle and the cost is RS.10/= what is the thumb rule in fixing the price of these special covers? The collectors are baffled n confused. Will the authorities provide any answer to this or recourse to the law of land will be only alternative.

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5 Responses to Special Covers: Criteria of Pricing !


    It seems the writer has not understood the very fundamental of Indian philately and the mind of India post.
    First let us come out of the false concept that Philately is a hobby and India Post is there to develop Philately. In reality it is a hub of blackmarket. Thanks to out great department of Post and its honourable officials. They do their best to ensure black market.
    Special cover is one of the area of exclusive blackmarket. It is created to develop and sustain black market. It is why the special covers are not widely distributed. Even account holders of the bureaux wherefrom the covers are released dont get them.
    As for as pricing is concerned. It is minimum Rs.15 in almost all the Bureaux probably with the exception of the Bureau at Coimbatore where they still sell the special covers at Rs.10.
    It is clean India. Yes, clean and pocket the loot. Can anyone from any of the Bureaux get a set of Clean India (Swachh Bharat) sheets without paying extra? Even the account holders are not supplied with their quota. Exception is Trivandrum Bureau where they fulfill the need of the account holders as per rule.

    I hope by now people understand the policy of Swachh Bharat.

  2. Pradeep Kumar Mallik says:

    Dear Mr. Pujara,
    You can add one more question in the list.
    At the venue of PATPEX both the Special Covers were sold @ Rs. 20/- (twenty) only, why?
    I myself purchased at this rate. But when it reached Philatelic Bureau, it become costlier by 10 times.
    Best wishes,
    Pradeep Kumar Mallik

  3. anil kr pujara says:

    Thanks Pradeep Ji. Sure I will.

  4. prakash says:

    & COSTING LEVIED @ RS 15/( 5+10),

  5. My question is why are buying such cover paying exorbitant price to dealer / INDIA POST who ever they may be. I don’t think if we are not buying a special cover than sky is going to fall. They are pricing the cover at their own will because they know that these covers will be sold at any cost as there are crazy buyer for Gandhi Theme. Simply stop buying. I don’t think this cover will help to win a medal. LOL

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