India: List of Special Cover’s 1 to 15 January 2015

By Anil Kr Pujara

Year 2015 started with the release of Special Cover from Kottayam. On 2nd Jan 2015 a Special Cover was released to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Baselius College, Kottayam. Then I decided to month wise consolidate the list of Special Covers and put it on Philamirror so that all those fellow philatelists who are interested in collecting special covers can update their collection n update my list also
if it is not complete. I dont claim that it is complete list but all out efforts have been made to compile the list in complete manner. I will request all my fellow friends to update the list if they find anything is missing from the list.

1  . Baselius College, Kottayam—                         2.1.2015   KL/01/2015
2  .11th CBS Head Post Office of Odisha Circle.    5.1.2015   OD/12/2014
3    Golden Jubilee Celeberations of Vivekanand Collage    7.1.2015   KTK/01/2015  Puttur
4   Wheelathon      calicut
5   The Cannanore Philatelic Club Silver  Jubilee       9.1.2015   KL/01/2015
6   Indpex-11                  INDORE                         9.1.2015
no code of circle
7   .Allahabad Philatelic Exhibition—2015                 9.1.2015
8   ——do—–
do        UP/02/2015
9   INDPEX–11                  INDORE                    10.1.2015   NO CODE
10   Allahabad Philatelic Exhibition 2015                10.1.2015  UP/03/2015
11    —-do—
10.1.2015   UP/04/2015
12   25 years of Mysore Police Commisionaraite    10.1.2015
13 Golden Jubilee Celeberations of NEPE SANGLI  10.1.2015
14  Bhai Sahib Shri Rajmal Shesh mal Jain           11.1.2015  MH/02/2015
15 .Golden Jubilee Deep Shikha Mahila Club          11.1.2015   AP/01/2015
16. Vibrant Gujrat
12.1.2015   No code
17 Holy Cross College       Nagercoil                     12.1.2015  TN/02.2015
18. Birth Centnary Celeberations Swami                13.1.2015  TN/01/ 2015
19  Steel Authority of India       Bokaro                  13.1.2015
20  Commamorating 25 years of Pentecostal         14.1.2015   JH/02/2015
Assembly School
21 Cannonization St Joseph Vaz                           14.1.2015
to be continued in 2nd part as January month has seen vitually flood of Special covers released from Pan India in which Karnataka Circle was the front runner with maximum no of special covers.

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4 Responses to India: List of Special Cover’s 1 to 15 January 2015

  1. sudhir Jain says:

    Good job Pujara Ji.


    A very welcome initiative. There has been a long pending requirement of cataloguing the issue of Special Covers in India. You may do this on monthly/quarterly/half yearly or annual basis for the benefit of philatelists.

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    A very systematic effort to help collectors at least have a date-wise list of special covers.
    It makes no difference Mr. Pujara if the list is not complete but your sincere effort to complie it is praise worthy and we collectors would look forward for such compilation and ways how to procure them.

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    Thanks for the encouraging response n reaction. I am also enthralled on the personal mails n messages that I am receiving for the compilation of list. I shall complete the 2nd part also soon.

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