New Stamps from San Marino

International Day of Happiness

san marino day of happiness stampsThe two stamps show four children from different ethnic groups playing together: they run on the earth (€ 0.95 value) and they ride a stylized swallow with Mount Titano in the background (€ 2.30 value).The International Day of Happiness, established by the United Nations General Assembly on the 12th of July 2012, is celebrated on the 20th of March. Date of Issue:10 March 2015

Europa 2015 :Old Toys

san marino europa stampsPostEurop, organization who meets every two years to decide the themes of the philatelic issues of its member States dedicated to Europa, chose “old toys” for the year 2015. The 0.80€ value depicts a rocking horse, a toy that ties the present of the children with the past of the adults. The first rocking horse dates back to 1610 and it is kept by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The 0.95€ value shows a toy car, a typical game that connects present and past generations. The designer Gabriella Giandelli is also a comic-strip artist, a scriptwriter, a director and a children’s book illustrator. She created the character “little rabbit Milo” for the Mondadori’s children collections which also became a cartoon for the Rai network.Date of Issue:10 March 2015

Expo Milano

san marino expo milano stampsExpo Milano will begin on the 1st May 2015 .The theme of the Expo “Feeding the planet, Energy for life” is shown through three figures that represent the work of the artisan, the sun and the earth that make the miracle of life come true.The first stamp depicts a bunch of grapes symbol of wine, the second one shows an olive branch symbol of oil and the third one represents three ears of wheat. The gold foil on the souvenir sheet ennobles the universal message of the Expo.Date of Issue:10 March 2015

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