New Stamps from Luxembourg

Commemorative Series

luxembourg stamps125th anniversary of organized philately:On Palm Sunday, 30 March 1890, five young collectors, Joseph Schock, J. Faber, Jean-Charles Kohn, Jean Hellinckx and Michel Goebel, met at the Kiffer Café in the train station district of Luxembourg-City to found a philately society, the “Union des Timbrophiles de Luxembourg”, the first philately society in Luxembourg.In 1934, the “Union des Timbrophiles de Luxembourg” was one of the four founding societies of the “Fédération des Sociétés Philatéliques” of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (FSPL) which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014.

Omega 90:Omega 90 is a recognised public-interest association concerned with palliative care and bereavement support. It informs about serious illness, the final stages of life, death and bereavement.

OAI: “Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers”:Founded in March 1990, the OAI brings together five liberal professions, namely architects, interior architects, consulting engineers, town planners and landscapers. Collectively, they employ over 4,200 people in Luxembourg.

Issue Date: 03.03.2015 Designer: Frédéric Thiry (B), Pe’l Schlechter (L), Rose de Claire (L) Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines (B) Process: Multicoloured high resolution offset Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 40,20 x 27,66 mm

200 Years Luxembourg

luxembourg 200 yearsThe major European powers met in 1814 in Vienna to negotiate the redrawing of Europe’s boundaries. Alongside a large United Kingdom of the Netherlands, entrusted to King William I, the Allies (England, Austria, Russia and Prussia) established a new independent state between the Meuse and the Moselle rivers: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The new state with a territory of 7.112 km2 and 351.916 inhabitants was made up mostly of the former Duchy of Luxembourg and the Duchy of Bouillon. Following the Belgian Revolution, the French speaking part (Duchy of Bouillon) was separated from Luxembourg and integrated in the new Belgian state.

Issue Date: 03.03.2015 Designer: M&V Concept (L) Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines (B) Process: Multicoloured high resolution offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 48,75 x 38,15 mm, 10 stamps per sheet

Fruit Varieties

luxembourg fruits stamps“Bongerten”or fruit gardens are a typical element of our cultural landscape. There is hardly another habitat in which nature conservation and land use are so ideally combined. In addition to many species of animals and plants, they are also home to another cultural treasure: a myriad of different fruit varieties. According to estimates made by the “natur&ëmwelt” Foundation, Luxembourg’s “Bongerten” contain around 600 regional fruit varieties.

The most common apples are, among others : The “Triumph”, “Renette”, “Jakob Lebel”, “Porzenapfel”, “Gestraifte Rambo”,… Regarding the pears, the most known sorts are : “Gute Graue”, “Doppelte Philippsbirne”, “Neue Poiteau” and “Saint Rémy”.

Issue Date: 03.03.2015 Designer: Repères Communications (L) Printer: Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem, Netherlands Process: Multicoloured high resolution offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 20 x 29 mm (stamps), 127 x 67 mm (leaflet)

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