Mystry of Swachh Bharat Stamps

brochure swachh bharatBy Anil Kr Pujara

On 30th Jan. 2015. India Post released a set of 3 stamps on the theme Swachh Bharat. The broucher released says total stamps printed are 5.0 million. This has created big ripples in the market. Whether all stamps taken together are 5.0 million or the quantity of each stamp is 5.0 million. The omission of word each has created a storm in the cup. The stamp has disappeared from the bureaus n Bureau in Charges all over India are having tough time in dealing with customers as supply of stamps is reported to be very less in each bureau.swachh bharat fdc

Whether the omission of printing each in Broucher is deliberate or inadvertent is not clear but one thing is clear that it has created a big buzz in the market. If total 5.0 quantity printed is 5.0 millions then it defies the logic of exact quantity of each stamp. Further, it is not clear why commemorative stamps have been issued on this Theme. In fact. This  is one theme on which definitive stamps should have been issued n not commemorative. More so  when currently prevailing series of definitive’s is old then 5 years and can be done away with.

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3 Responses to Mystry of Swachh Bharat Stamps

  1. ramkumar says:

    yes totally i agree with the comment of Anil Kumar Pujara i also felt the same difficulty in getting Swachh Bharat stamps in Chennai HPO till date i am not getting any valid response for my query.

  2. Dinu says:

    Respected Pujaraji,
    Your observation is correct but stamp printed shown are 0.5 Million, which is shown as 5 million.
    Irrespective of number your question remain valid i.e. is it put together 0.5 (I doubt as for set of three 0.3 or 0.6 will be correct to keep number of sets printed equal) or each one is 0.5 million.
    I believe IP will say each one 0.5 million.

    Fate for me in Delhi is same like Mr. Ramkumar – I got the MS but though visited thrice could not get the individual stamps till yesterday (last visited)
    Where in thin air are those gone? Any answer from Babus of IP


    It is not surprising. If you look back you will realise the reason. India Israel issue had the same fate. Then the same fate befell Vivekananda. In both the cases it was hey day for all black marketeers. Now it is the turn of Swachh Bharat for black marketeers with the full blessing of the present government. In 2011 the first Khadi stamp of Mahatma Gandhi was issued with the printed quantity of just 10,000 as available in the accompanying booklet/pamphlet. Same day the price of the souvenir sheet crossed Rs.1,000/- Later it was clarified that the printed quantity was not 10,000 but one lakh. By the time the black marketeer had made their killing. Now comes Swachh Bharat a favourite theme of the present government. The government has changed but the corrupt official has not changed. Corruption continues unabated. After all everybody has a price. Corrupt officials can purchase the government. If the present government really wants to do something the corrupt officials responsible for the act should be summarily dismissed and action should be taken against such officials responsible for such act of omission or commission. I have already made a complaint with the Public grievance cell. But there is no response. All philatelist should raise their voice and ensure severe punishment for those responsible for encouraging black market in philately. Raj Kumar Shukla purportedly printed in 1 Lakh was available in huge quantity as sheets in ebay till recently. Was it really just one lakh or it was just to encourage black market? Bio diversity sheet (issued in 2011) was printed in normal quantity but was not available in any of the Bureaux .What happened to it?. It was not supplied in required quantity to the Bureaux. Why it was not supplied to the Bureau and even the account holders did not get their required quantity? Why? Only to encourage black market. Will the government look into the matter and do thorough enquiry to punish the officials concerned. I am sure nothing will happen. They will be rewarded with double promotion and some awards also. More than 65 years back British government cleaned India and took away our wealth. Now it is the turn of the present government to Clean India. People of Delhi understood it and voted accordingly. Rest of the nation should salute each and every individual of Delhi who voted the Swachh Bharat Party out. The broom stick has cleaned out the corrupt party. Common man is holding the broom stick firmly. Before the Swachh Bharat party clean India in the British style our people should clean them out in typical Indian style with the Indian Broom Stick. They should be swept out of power. I earnestly wish all the philatelist should join hand to fight against the corruption. What philatelist would start today would be followed by millions in future. Let us start the revolution. Jai Hind.

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