Israel Issued Stamps on Winter Flowers

israel winter flowers stampsDyer’s Alkanet:This recumbent perennial plant is covered with rough bristles, as are many other plants belongins to the Borage family.During much of the year the Alkanet is a dull looking plant, but in einter and early spring it displays a profusion of bright blue flowers.

Coast False-Chamomile: This semi-recumbent annual pant fortm spectacular blooming carpets on the coastal fields as early as January .The False Chamomile species belong to the Daisy family. The Coast False Chamomile is endemic to the coastal plains of  Israel and Southern Lebanon and grows nowhere else in the world.

Crown Anemone: Everyone in Israel knows the Crown Anemone , one of Israel’s most beautiful wild flowers.The Hebrew name “Kalanit” is derived from the same source as the word for bride “Kala”.The red variety of the Crown Anemone grows through much of the country, while the multi colored variety, in colors ranging from white to deep purple through all shades of pink and blue, grows mainly in the north.Issue : February 2015

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