Jersey will Issue First Hologram Stamps

jersey hologram stampsA new range of Definitive stamps including a world-first in stamp print technology will be issued by Jersey Post on 18 February 2015. With permission granted to Jersey Post by the Bailiff of Jersey, ten new Definitive stamps depict the Crest of Jersey in a palette of colours chosen to reflect a contemporary representation for the Islanders of today. They are accompanied by a new £5 Definitive stamp, presenting the Crest of Jersey as a hologram. It is the first stamp in the world to feature the effect of a hologram which has been embossed.

The hologram stamp was created as a collaboration between the design agency True North and Cartor International Security Printers, working in conjunction with the hologram manufacturer, Kurz in Germany. “Not only does the £5 stamp incorporate three different holographic effects,” she continued, “but all the stamps in the range include micro-printing. The names of all twelve Island parishes are printed in micro text in the background waves on the stamps and you will have to get your magnifying glass out to see them!”

The Crest of Jersey is a red shield with three gold leopards facing left, each with a raised paw.The lion is the beast most often found in heraldry and early English heraldry holds that any lion in a walking position is in fact a leopard.The typical heraldic leopard differs from the natural leopard in that it has no spots.

Interestingly, the leopards depicted on the Crest of Jersey have had varying depictions over the centuries,some of which feature spots and some of which don’t. There is no ‘official’ standard and differing versions can be seen on the Jersey flag, bank notes, ancient island drawings and modern day buildings, demonstrating how the design has been interpreted over the years. The design which appears on Jersey Post’s £5 hologram stamp is based on a version of the Crest with spotted leopards as referenced by the SociétéJersiaise in an article entitled, ‘The Jersey Leopards: Pictures of Pussycats’ (see Notes for Editors). A colour holographic effect has been added to the spots on the £5 stamp, making them appear to change colour with movement.

The two hologram Definitive stamps are available to order in a special pack.The 2015 Definitive stamps and philatelic stamp products such First Day Covers and Presentation Packs are available to pre-order from today at or by phoning the Jersey Philatelic Bureau on: 00 44 (0)1534 616320.The stamps will also be available to buy from all branches of Jersey Post from launch day on 18 February 2015 with First Day Covers and Presentation Packs available from the main post office at Broad Street.

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