India Post :Another Foul Play

nehru stampsBy Anil Kr Pujara

One the one hand India Post broke its own tradition by not releasing any commemorative stamp on 14.11.2014 n on the other hand released a book on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru `on 14.11.14. The book is another classic example of mismanagement n cheating. Binding is very poor quality binding. Most of the pages are coming out. Most of the stamps are not there. Even mounts are not there for these stamps. Even latest definitive stamp of 25 paisa on Pt. Nehru is not there. What prevented India Post in placing this stamp of 25 paisa in the compilation is not understood with normal prudence. The mounts which are there are either improper in size to accommodate the size of stamp or improperly placed. Even in some cases stamps are gummed. Why India Post is so care less n not quality conscious more so knowing well that there are paper ambassadors of India in the philatelic world at large. For God sake, if image of India can not be improved, pl do not go extra mile to spoil it.Pure Waste of money.

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6 Responses to India Post :Another Foul Play

  1. g. ramkumar says:

    yes i do agree with Mr. Anil kr Pujara but to my surprise the said item is available in both snapdeal as well as in e post office where you can place order for only one copy at a time in e post office. further to this the items which were made available in e post office is with drawn and is available at a huge price in snapdeal for example gandhi khadhi stamp which was available for rs.250/- and is withdrawn from e post office and is sold for rs.900/- along with a book costing rs.200/- with mounted only one original stamp of rs 25/- also with two miniature sheets and the total cost of the product is only around rs.445/- but sold for rs.900/- like this there are other products with unimaginable prices. actually government policy has to run under no profit no loss basis but this system is trashed by india post which is directly managed under government control. further to this i think the minister’s job is over just by releasing the philatelic products and later it is the look after by the high officials concerned of the department and they take their own views related to the philatelic product concerned. this we can take it into conclusion by their action in this respect. further to this whether the concerned minister knows about this or not which we do not know as it is an internal affair.


    First we have to understand the functioning of various government offices. As we all know very well efficiency at discount in any office and mostly in government offices. So we cannot expect department of post to be managed by efficient people. So what happens?
    The stamps offer very good opportunity for the sycophants. The government did not tell them not to release the usual stamps on children’s day. But the sycophants as usual go ahead and curtailed the issue thinking this way they can show their faith to the people in power. This happens everywhere. So dont blame the poor government servant for this. Then being ashamed of their own sycophancy they have arranged the booklet on Nehru. Kindly dont comment on the quality of the booklet. With their efficiency and caliber I can very well say that that is a very very great achievement. Will you see the quality of the singing if a dog sings. Singing of a dog itself is something great. I hope now it will be clear. This is is how we have to appreciate the functioning of the offices of the great government.

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    “For God sake, if image of India can not be improved, pl do not go extra mile to spoil it.” A very sincere advice to India Post by Pujara ji. Can India Post take it sensibly?


    Why 14th Nov. & Nehru? That was a mistake made
    every year for a long-ling time.
    India Post should go only for 20th November whenever they
    feel like issuing a stamp on International Children’s Day.
    India Post has yet to issue a stamp on the ICD.

  5. g. ramkumar says:

    it is true to this i myself was satisfied by getting children’s day cancellation as a special cancellation in the nearest post office situated in my place by getting the cancellation in the previous issue of the stamp along with the first day cover on 14th November, 2014. so this satisfied my requirement. this happened without knowing i preserved the issues as collection but to my surprise this happened to me without knowing that there will not be any issue on 14 th november 2014 similarly for the coming year also if there is no issue i will do the same thing as before since i am having stock with me. even if it is 14th or 20th of november nothing counts for me.


    Corruption and inefficiency are hallmark characteristics. All with direct blessings of people in higher level. One day every body will realize it. By that time india would have been cleaned totally. Will the people wake up and rise to the call of Swami Vivekananda to save the nation in time?

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