Jawahar Lal Nehru Stamps

\"gpOne of the best topical collection of stamp is Nehru Stamps issued all over the world covering his different events and position .Born on 14th November 1889 and died on 27th May 1964. He was central and most popular figure in Indian Political field in 20th century .He was became a paramount leader in the Indian Independence struggle under tutelage of Gandhiji and served India as a first servant of India (Prime Minister) from 15th August 1947 when India became free Nation till his death . He was is the main designer and adviser the modern Indian nation-state as a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic.

One of the best topical stamp collection is Nehru stamps issued all over the world which one collects for the simple reason that those are most popular way learning t events during freedom struggle by the Indian people and there after the independence This is in my mind when I stocked few stamps on Nehru in the personalities\"nehru series and made page. The Nehru stamps have inspired me much and are much fascinatingand aspiring when those are reviewed by me from very inception of the stamps on him when I started to accumulate .Before his death, stamps on him were not issued but soon after his death a fifteen paise stamp was released on 12th June 1964 depicting his portrait and under which his signature alsoappeared.

 On the occasion of issuance of the stamp  the following stamp information was notified by the Rashtrapati Bhavan – “he passing away of Jawaharlal Nehru marks the end of an epoch in the life of our nation. Yet the ideals for which he worked and the values for which he stood will \"nehruabide for all time to come. We find ourselves today overwhelmed with grief and a sense of loss. But we would not be true to his memory if we give ourselves to despair and uncertainty. Let us keep alive his torch, which he lit for the freedom and progress of the country, and unswervingly follow the path, which he has lighted for us. May his memory remain evergreen with us – an inspiration for achieving the goal, which he has set beforethe country and the people? He did not fail us; let us not fail him. (S. Radhakrishnan)

 PRIME MINISTER NEW DWLHI on 9th June, 1964 conveyed thefollowing messag\"nehrue when the stamp was brought out.-

“Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s memory will be cherished by a grateful world as long as humanity lives. But we whom he has left desolate strive to seek solace to fill the aching void. It is for this that we think in terms of tangible steps like memorials and monuments to \"nehruremain ourselves of what he lived for and to feel some nearness to him again. This commemorative stamp is such humble tribute to his memory. But his real memorial will be if we carry on his work as he would have wanted us to do, and so conduct ourselves that we would have been proud of us. (Lal Bahadur)

The Communication and Law MINISTER, INDIA New Delhi, on 7.6.1964 messaged-“The Posts and Telegraphs Department offers itshomage to our great leader on his passing away. The stamp, which we are bringing out, is a humble effort to remind us and the world that death cannot part a leader from his people with whom destiny had bound him imperishably and whose life, therefore, remains inextricably inter-woven into their texture. Death has snapped his mortal bonds but his spirit will ever guide us through our long and arduous journey towards the goal he left for us. We shall be worthy of being his followers only if we keep his torch aflame by our work and devotion for the cause, which was so dear to him. (A.K.Sen).

His birth day is organized every year as National Children Day   (Bal Divas).It started in\"nehru 1957on 14th November.And on every occasion of celebration of the day postage stamps are used to be issued as special topical thematic featuring the important aspect of child development and their educational and nutrition improvement in the two square papers popularly known as postage stamp. The first stamp depicted on 14th November 1957. A special stamp was issued on 14th November 1964 portraying Nehru.Similarly most liked Children day stamp released on his birth day in 1997 depicting him   loving a girl child in a very fascinating manner. A banana eating boy was feature on the fiftieth anniversary the National Children Day. The boy was selected for the stamp from 10000 entries.

\"nehruSpecial stamps, souvenirsheets, miniaturecards, first day covers have been issued every year on the occasion of National Children Day in the country .In the personality series 15 paise stamp was\"nehru issued in 1965 on 27th may featuring Jwahar jyoti.On the occasion of celebrating 4th formation day of the NAGALAND STATE on 12th December 1967, a special stamp released depicting Nehru dressed as Naga tribe andleading them.This stamp became popular throughout the country and was collected by many philatelists. In another set of stamp issued on 15th August 1973 in 20 paise denomination  portraying him with Gandhi  and the Indian National Congress passed quit India resolution on 8th August 1942 and to commemorate the event most popular stamp was issued  on 9th August 1983 In the stamp Nehru  ,Gandhi ,Kripalaniji are seen sharing the stage with some other leaders.

The 7th summit of the Non-alignment Movement was organized at New Delhi from 7th to12th March 1983 representing half of the population of the world. The NAM was able to absorb with its large group of ideologically desperate  countries with single goal and desire to   equal distance from both the super power and the event was preserved in people memory by issuing special stamp of 200 paise denomination in which  Nehru appeared as supporter of NAM and world peace and his desire to make the movement most successful .In the memory of Bandung  conference held in 1955 where in panchshil (five principle of peaceful co-existence) was adopted , most liked stamp was released in 2005 and it became popular among stamp  collectors. During Congress centenary celebration souvenir sheet of four stamps were brought out on 28th December 1985 in which Nehru appears in a very attractive personality.

The birth centenary of Nehru was organized in 1988 and 1989.The event was solemnized with depiction of two stamps .one 60 paise special stamps featuring him with his signature in 1988 and 1989 issue he portrayed   on the background of the tricolors with a write of MERA BHARAT MAHAN.Afganistan,Bulgaria,Czechoslovakia,Dominica,Egupt,Ghana,Hungry,Ireland,Liberia,Russia,Senegal,Turkey,France,Vietnam all include many other countries issued Nehru birth centenary stampsMadagascar  Turkey  ,Yaman,Jordan are the countries include   countries who have  issued the stamps during the birth  centenary.In our countryregular stamps have been issued from time to time for general mailing in addition to special stamps.

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